TikaThis was written as an expression of a direct experience with an end to the cycle of a life.


Tika died
in my hands today
as I cupped
her fragile feathered form
against my hollowed out
and roaring chest
every rapid thump
could beat prolonged life
throughout her ailing frame
as it inched away
with every shiver
of her speckled claws

for a fleeting moment
she stirred
resolute in spirit
gracing me with a gift
of a glimpse
of a soul
of a life
having filled my empty bowl

my mind was keenly aware
of her serious condition
imminently fatal
but i wished nonetheless
for an illness
for it could pass
her claws gingerly scratched
my fingers while
her little legs twitched
several times
her tail, only once
and the spittle
gushing from her beak
was not enough
to convince me
she was gone

Temet Nosce


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