to dance a song of cliché

This was written as a celebration of moments of inspiration.

to dance a song of cliché

amidst the grand, elaborate ball
in the courtyard of aspiration,
movement is advancement
change is up and out

distinguished by awakening and
a release from bonds of limitation
freedom from a trapped imagination
freedom from a negative fixation

it captures a dream and renders it asunder
it is a taught coil, sprung to attention
luring questions with ravenous passion

i face an inspiration and i ask,
can it soothe emancipation
can it prove to grow and bloom
during winters of deprivation?

myriad lights sparkle my vision,
flashing moments of beauty
spanning uncountable ages
as tiny flickers radiating
within the marrow of my soul

i dream a dream where i am
knitting the seam to a fabric
carded and spun in an ancient tradition
by unknown hands
intricately woven with delicate precision

i submit to a stream of images
fluid in orientation
jarring into brilliant focus,
i have grown to know inspiration.

taking the form of possibilities
images from unknowable futures
flowing as a release
from an illumination
where its source knows no description

Temet Nosce


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