This piece was written when contemplating how certainty in life grows from hindsight. It is an attempt to capture a moment of appreciation for the value of introspection.


by searching one’s past
to find a common denominator,
one inevitably arrives at mud
which must be sifted
through a fine screen

after many tries
one can always find something.
tiny glittering bits of sand
can sparkle amusement.
bright nuggets can illuminate joy
while large, glistening diamonds
can spur on tears
echoing sorrow
for a long forgotten whole
now undone

during life’s journey
one learns either to burn
or to reverently flare.

one learns to believe
deceit can be made sweet
or the pain of rain
reveals authentically arranged
patterns of stains
demarcating changing gains

by searching one’s past
with clarity as a master,
one can find such a task
may bring treasures to mind
the likes of which
pirates will forever dream
and never find

Temet Nosce


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